Macrofocus: Live in Concert

by Macrofocus

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Tracks 1-2 Recorded Live at Oregon State University Battle of the Bands 2014 courtesy of KBVR OSU and Cascade Sound. Tracks 3-7 self-recorded at a November 2014 show at Cloud and Kelly's Public House in Corvallis, OR.


released October 13, 2014

Kevin Van Walk (drums/ percussion)
Chris Rorrer (guitar, keyboard, vocals)



all rights reserved


Macrofocus Los Angeles, California

All it takes is focus to tap into the abyss. A lot of it. Awash it with tones and timbres directly informed by the spectrum of just being human, being alive. What results is a uniquely atmospheric, exploratory journey far and wide, returning home each time with greater insight and strength. This is Macrofocus.

Chris Rorrer (guitars, vocals)

And other dedicated and passionate musicians.
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Track Name: Forgotten (Live)
Long after you've forgotten me
It’ll dawn on me straight from the stillness
That this was never the case…at all
Must I spin my wheels making peace with myself
Before I can expect any harmony with you?

Every passage that we traversed
Had reason, weight, insistence
I miss that, but it’s not far ahead of us
Months away from deliverance of a wish
I want to be a part of how it plays out

If you’re a metaphor to make me more aware
Then I summon you
Just like you wanted me to

Let’s take on this stretch together
That our first incarnation voided
With no need to take it all seriously
We suffer from our misinterpretations
Tripping on live wires
And variations of what could go wrong
These convictions are still coursing through me
Soon to be overshadowed by the gems within us
Within us

I vaguely frame how we’ll come through
Yes, my voice may tremble now
Yet I can hear the pause between each of your words
Maybe I had something golden cued up to say
But I’ll listen instead

Deciphering so-called entreaties of manhood
Fossilized in our psyches
Without a point of reference to the contrary
I choose to start thriving in a new setting
Not a recommended, but a required
Part of the journey

I’ll start to not think too much
Walking awkwardly
Into a desert nightfall
Our sides brushing past each other
My hands haven’t made it into hers
How can I blame myself for wanting this so badly?

Windward sails and we’re on our way
We've braved the perilous sea
Our music will travel wide enough
Just let your spirit be
Track Name: To Err Is Human (Live)
How would I be if I was
Free from all dualisms?
I cannot beg you for accolades
As I had once done

Ourselves in observation
Is becoming a lost art
To face myself every day
Pondering winter's refrain

The meter then becomes odd
As I dethrone my aversions
Impatient for the steps
Of these feet that I've been given

Why do I stray when there is hope
Albeit dim
There's nothing wrong with your dark side
Or with what turns you on
To err is human though not our fate
So you can just let me be vulnerable

When we willingly receive
I have nothing to concede to you
Give voice to our broken bearings
So we can hold him in our
Hold her in our harbor
The least we can finally offer
Give me the words to articulate

I alone am dull and drifting
Like the waves of the sea
Must I fear what others fear
What nonsense I am a fool
Everyone else seems so busy
Yet I'm aimless and without desire
Oh yes I am confused

Saturated with merchandise
I'll listen to your paradigm
But I'll forge my own
Climaxes of fear or pleasure
Don't we put the same effort into each

Are you lost in your own home?
Crazed and shafted or so you think
Is truth in hiding or do I
Have my blinders on too tightly?
Track Name: Uehara (Live)
They are just formalities
Never take it personally
Thanks for your cooperation and have a nice day!

Busyness is illusory
For its purpose to distract
This is no new enlightenment
And it will not make history
No, it will not make history
Track Name: Shin-Sugita (Live)
Track Name: Higashi-Kanagawa (Live)
The pangs of a melody yet unwritten
In your arms I pray
Track Name: Waconda (Live)
When you’re delicately listening
I can feel you from miles away
If we could just remain in this state indefinitely
Perhaps it could save us both some pain

You know I’ll be the candid one
Here, stuck under the falling sun
Reality, come my way
I need your guiding hand these days
Wait, is trust in our scope?
Is it as key to you as it is to me?

If you are daydreaming, know that I’m too
Okay to let the world take care of itself
If you know what I mean
We sugar-coat our tribulations, but don’t give them avenues to heal
I stand under the insight that
Our time on this Earth is not unlimited
Yet the bliss we can bring into it is (2x)

If the fancy strikes you, please share your kinks
Our livelihoods depend on it.
I’m not qualified to put all this
Emphasis on externalities
Let me stand naked, as long as it’s my own mission

And you’re blooming now
And you’re magical in a way
That I wanted, at first, to be the only one to see
Another overpass, I wonder where this lane leads to…
Will I feel lonely when I have to turn back from the gravel roads and go home?
Track Name: Saitama (Live)
On the Tatami
Our place is set
A post-modern, tradition blend
We weren't fulfilled picking up scraps
Now I relate to you
Deep in this lost prefecture
Our sacred space in Saitama

A delicate aroma drafts
The world is in the glance you pass me
Across the hearth, my root your essence draws
Your softest features glow
When will you shed your evening gown?
As dusk envelopes our languid hours

The counsels of whom will signal me?

Fare ye well, wanderer?
En route in all your tales
Here between us it seems
Changes we needed have been made
Delight in our radiant encounter

Thought God would never corner me into conflicting ties
Or am I mistaken?
Open the channels that the past had closed
The censure I was conceding to
My faith in question, what more myths
Need I pry away before I awake?
Won’t stand to reenact every hoax in the whole damn book
I’m going to snatch you up
And take the both of us back to Saitama

Other’s domestic worlds
Shrouded in subtleties
What would it be like inside?

I disembark through capillaries
Suburban train stations
Runoff from the metropolis

There’s more to you than on the surface
So I’ll be back in just a heartbeat
I’ll only be with you entirely
This is undeniable

If I’m wrapped up in new predicaments
And over-thinking what’s in front of me
Then ease the dosage and let me know
That I’ll brave this chapter eloquently

I find the Tao in every moment
Baby I am with you…

Then what I fool I've been
To expect you to be this way
What I fool I've been
Have you ever felt the same?

It’s become in vain
To expect you to change this way
Agonizing over what
I could have done differently

Get me out of here, get me out of here

Sitting in a cookie-cutter room with the anticipation of her touch
Or her slightly pronounced fragrance
That I’d only be able to notice
Babe, given the one or two fleeting journeys that we shared

Yet the scenes have dematerialized
And the backdrops seem nothing like what I recall